About Build A Jam

Hi my name is Dan. I've been passionately driven by music my whole life, and have been in a band for about 15 years. Why did I get into music? Ever since I was a kid, I found comfort in sound. Not just music-all noises. An airplane in a distance; the rumbling of a motorcycle; wind blowing rain on the roof... well, you get the idea.

My quest to become involved with a band came later in life. I always thought, "If I'm going to make it big, it better be soon." But as they say, "time flies," and my life didn't stop. The road to band glory grew more distant as I got older.

Thankfully, I'm able to play some music in local venues, and I've found that a lot of people give out their music for free.

In this fascinating age of computers and modern technology, more and more people are recording quality music on their own. Some do solo work, some are in group bands, and everyone has something different to offer.

Build A Jam is a great creative outlet for anyone who loves music. There are lots of bands out there that have older music they may want to give away because it's sitting around doing nothing. There are bands that don't care whether they "make it" or not-they just want to share their passion and be heard.

The Advertiser Program and Combating Piracy 

There is a new function on Build A Jam. All bands will have the opportunity to participate in a program that can make your band money. I am recruiting advertisers to sign up on Build A Jam to engage in a program with bands. If your band is in the program and a listener downloads your song the advertisers short audio add will be attached and played prior to your song. The starting rate your band will make is 10% of what Build A Jam makes from the advertiser. As your downloads increase, that rate may be negotiable. If you would like an example of what an ad will sound like attached to your song go to the HOW TO page and select Example of Ads Added to Songs. Joining this program is optional. Build A Jam created this program for bands to make some money and get more exposure. It is our mission at Build A Jam to combat piracy and give music back to the bands. Wether you're a band, fan or advertiser, you will all benefit from being a member.   

Share Your Music

Face it, the music you hear on popular radio stations represents a small percent of what's really out there. There are so many talented musicians in the world, but not everyone has the time or the money to sign with a big record label. Some can't go out on the road because of other responsibilities, other jobs, or they're too old, or too young or too shy to play in front of an audience. Build A Jam represents a place they can come to share their music, share their passion, and be heard by real people.

Grow Your Band

When you're in a band based in a small town, you may be limited to the number and kinds of musicians to play with. On Build A Jam, your small town crew becomes a thriving music metropolis. Play guitar with someone across the state or across the world. Looking for someone who listens and plays some of your favorite bands? Put a band together, send out an invitation, and start making music. Looking for a new band member in your local area? Listen to a clip of what they have to offer before you audition them.

Listen In

Not a musician but love music? Even if you just come to Build A Jam to just listen to the music posted by our members, you'll love what we have to offer. We let you download tons of original music for free, and listen to it all at your leisure.

The ultimate goal of Build A Jam is to be the go-to site for music lovers of all types. We want you to have fun! People find comfort in the strangest sounds. Music is vibration, so on this site please feel free to make some noise!

Music is all around us. Listen.


Reviewed on Killer Startups http://www.killerstartups.com/Web20/buildajam-com-a-new-opportunity-for-many-musicians

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